London based software engineer with over 8 years experience. I have skills across the stack, but specialise in Frontend development to create exciting, robust web projects.

This entails:
JavaScript experience using ES6, Babel, React JS, Vue.js, npm, gulp, webpack, Nunjucks & jQuery
 Fundamental knowledge in paradigms such as OOP and functional programming 
Simple, clean styles using SCSS, Modular Scale, and often Typekit to serve beautiful fonts
Using the JAMstack with WayIn, GatsbyJS, Contentful CMS and Netlify
Experience across the full stack: PHP, CI/CD pipelines, MySQL databases
Integrating frontend templates with Laravel systems
Fully custom WordPress themes (bespoke themes & responsibly customised admin)
Using the WordPress REST API with React JS
Strategy, Wire-framing and Designing web projects, including setting up  automated deployment via git
Skilled in using the Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch
Panoramic images and Interactive 360 videos with krpano
Responsive HTML5 banners
Flexible Mailchimp templates

I often work in collaboration with designers and developers at Digital Agencies such fst, Broadgate Creative & Visualise. Higher profile clients I have worked with include Nike, Visa, Vodafone, Canon, Global, and Seiko Watches.


I am currently working on a custom Shopify theme with a Slate-based deployment process and putting together a site using GatsbyJS and the Wordpress REST API.

Please take a look at my recent work from the list below.

If you'd like to talk, give me a call or drop me an email.