UK-born, Melbourne-based Software Engineer, with 13 years’ experience working across the full stack – with a specialism in JavaScript and frontend technologies.

I am currently working at Convert Digital in Melbourne.
Previously I worked full-time at Starling Bank, and as a contractor and consultant – directly with clients, and in collaboration with engineering teams and designers at agencies such fst, Broadgate Creative & Visualise. Higher profile clients I have worked with include Honda, Nike, Visa, Vodafone, Canon, Global, and Seiko Watches. 

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Modern Web Development is a many headed beast. I never stop learning, but skills I'm proficient in and use often include:

  • JavaScript: React, Vue, Node, webpack, gulp, Nunjucks, jQuery and Typescript
  • Fundamental knowledge in paradigms such as OOP and functional programming
  • Experience with JS frameworks: Gatsby, Next and Vue
  • Knowledge of REST APIs and GraphQL to consume and transmit data
  • Deployment to AWS Serverless architecture
  • Integrating frontend code with a variety of backend systems and APIs, e.g. Firebase, Headless Wordpress, Monday.com via GraphQL, PHP-based CMSes
  • Writing semantic, accessible HTML, scalable, modular SASS with BEM, and experience with CSS-in-JS solutions to create design systems
  • Communicating across product teams to plan and roll out campaigns and applications
  • Working closely with UX designers to ensure accessibility standards
  • Experience using GSAP, Lottie and pure JS SVG animations
  • Strategy, wire-framing and designing projects
  • Extensive skills in the Adobe Suite, Sketch, along with design fundamentals

If you'd like to talk, give me a call or drop me an email.