Ori Biotech

JAMstack Build

Ori Biotech is a London- and Philadelphia-based innovator in CGT manufacturing. As part of the KJC Creative team, I wire-framed, consulted on design and built the site.

As they are pioneering new technology in manufacturing, it seemed clear that the tech stack used for their site be reflective of that from a web development perspective. That is to say, I wanted the stack to be forward thinking and have performance and scalability in mind. As a result the site makes use of the JAMstack methodology - is built using Gatsby JS (React based SSG), WP GraphQL (adapting a conventional CMS to this modern tech) and deploys to Netlify via BitBucket.

The site also includes Lottie animations and scroll transitions using GSAP.
I particularly enjoyed working on the Team component, which entailed:

  • Sketching out a workable responsive concept (considering good UX practice)
  • Collaborated with the designer on the visuals
  • Integrated the content into their CMS of choice, Wordpress
  • Built the necessary React JS and required logic
  • Wrote bespoke SCSS for the responsive styles
  • Laid out the GraphQL to generate the content on the frontend

Even though I have spent a fair amount of time in React land and with Gatsby, there were definitely challenges that I wouldn't come across using my previous route to build a site like this (gulp as build tool, PHP + MySQL via MAMP Pro locally). The jury's out for me as to which approach I would take on another similar project.

If you're a developer, or managing projects and are having similar discussions, I'd love to share my experiences. Drop me an email => dan@dan-webb.com.

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