Architecture simplification

QuiteLike is a subscription business. Their previous system, based around custom AWS architecture was way too complex and was becoming impossible to maintain.

My contribution to this project:

  • Led the frontend team and contributed to backend solutions
  • Wrote technical documentation to communicate the solution to the frontend team and the client
  • Assisted in establishing the new data schema, based on a mapping from the legacy database
  • Created technical flow diagrams to document legacy systems and to communicate the new systems
  • Worked with the Solutions Architect and the backend team to roll out the migration and to implement an API Gateway with KrakenD
  • Frontend programming in TypeScript/JavaScript, React, JSX, CSS and JS in a Node environment.
  • Worked with the new subscription application engineers to document and communicate the migration requirements, and to understand their JavaScript API for the new frontend integration
  • Set up new metafields and metaobjects relating to discounts
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