My Car Heaven

Website Design & Development

Planned, re-designed and developed a new version of the popular motoring website My Car Heaven. As a result the amount of site users increased by 88% from the same period the previous year.

The original site had been built on an outdated Wordpress theme and as a result site users had began to level off. My task was to analyse existing site data and rollout a re-design that felt more dynamic, was simple to navigate and looked contemporary - bringing into focus mobile devices in particular.

Pure Javascript is used with Babel & Rollup for any functional flourishes. SASS is used for styles. I use gulp to compress everything and bundle it together.

Powered by a bespoke Wordpress backend, I used CMB2 with hand-coded PHP to build in custom meta boxes. I chose this over the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, in order that structural elements are separate from the database. I can also then track any code changes in git.